raises money to make esports spectating more engaging

Esports is growing at a fast pace. One of the parameters being used to determine the growth of esports is the viewership numbers. Viewership numbers in esports rival that of traditional sports channels. The biggest names in esports streaming currently include Twitch and Youtube Gaming. While there have been also-rans in the form of Hitbox and Azubu, these two services have been the most successful. provides a 360-degree viewing of esports tournaments. It allows the user to feel as if they are ringside and they can adjust their view according to their wishes. One of their most recent tournaments brought in 340k viewers for the company. recently announced a $9.8 million Series A round of funding led by Danhua Capital along with Heuristic Capital Partners and ZP Capital. DCM, Sierra Ventures, The VR Fund, Samsung Next Fund and Sony Innovation Fund also got in on the round.

Esports betting sites are making esports engaging already by allowing esports fans to take bets.