Overwatch league teams will have to create new team names

The Overwatch League has nine official teams announced already. With the league slated to begin by the end of 2017, we will see many more announcements in the near future. One of the most anticipated announcement is the possibility of a Dallas team announced. EnVyUs are rumored to be the team associated with that spot according to a report from ESPN.

Another detail that has emerged right now is that existing teams will have to make a new team in order to compete in the Overwatch League. This will be quite similar to how sports organizations manage multiple teams in various esports or sometimes in various leagues.

The Overwatch League is an entirely new endeavor in esports, combining a brand-new IP with a city-based team structure and other components that strongly distinguish it from other initiatives and programs in competitive gaming. Our team owners are all as enthusiastic as we are about starting with a clean slate and developing branding that is built from the ground up to reflect and enhance the innovations of the League as a whole.

Nate Nanzer

The teams will be allowed to include similar staff across the various teams, however they should have a separate business entities for participation into the Overwatch League.

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