Kips speaks up about her decision to quit TNC

Kips recently announced her departure from the TNC Pro team. Being an integral part of the team, it was a surprise to some to see her depart the organization. There were only a handful of people who were privy to her decision. However in a recent post on Medium, she explains her thinking behind the decision.

I couldn’t say anything to the team — I couldn’t reach out and share the grief, and I couldn’t tell them how I really felt either. But then again, I hadn’t been able to share my feelings for quite a while now. I watched Theeban give the post-loss interview and felt even weirder. I had to leave. I went downstairs to my family and friends. I hugged my sister and cried.

She explains that she felt useless on the team. The team had reached a point where she just felt that she could not offer anything more to the team. She wanted the team to win and the players deserved someone who could form a better team with them. She will continue to coach players and will look for new oppurtunities. But her time with TNC has definitely come to an end.


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