Snajdan returns to BLANK CSGO roster

Snajdan has marked a re-entry into BLANK esports CSGO roster. Snajdan has made a name for himself in Counter Strike in early 2000’s and ultimately in 2007 when he led SK Gaming to victories at two CPL’s and a win at SEC 2007.

The 31 year old has been trying to make a comeback into CSGO. He has formed a new team now with the same name of Blank ( which was the name of one of his teams )

Sweden Mattias “Snajdan” Andersen
Sweden Rasmus “Gux” Ståhl
Sweden Mathias “pauf” Köhler
Sweden Frej “kHRYSTAL” Sjöström
Hungary Daniel “t3h f4rm3r” Börzsönyi

“Today we announce some familiar faces in the CS 1.6 scene who have somehow been forgotten in the CS:GO scene by a lot of people.

Some of the players competed on a professional level in CS 1.6 for many years and have been slowly transitioning into CS:GO.

Some people nowadays maybe only know who pauf is and may have forgotten who the other players are. We believe that we will be a strong unit and want to compete at the highest level, some of the players lack some hours within the game, but that will come with time.

“We are all very eager to start playing and to fully focus on the game, and we are on the lookout for an organisation. You can contact us at

Source : HLTV

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