Team Secret roster changes, Khezu, MP out of the team

Team Secret have initiated some roster changes in their team post The International. The team which was one of the  former best teams in the world has slid into a slump lately due to poor performance and results.

The announcement was made on their Facebook page. It reads as :

As the dust settles on another incredible and exciting International we would like to take a moment to congratulate Kuroky and Team Liquid on their freshly acquired Aegis. It was a truly exciting tournament with many hard fought series. Congratulations guys and we hope to meet on the field of competition again soon.
The ending of The International 7 officially marks the beginning of a new season. As the team prepares for this new journey, we have a few announcements regarding our DOTA2 roster for the upcoming year.
As of today Maurice ‘KheZu’ Gutmann and Noa ‘MP’ Pyo will be stepping down from the active team. A huge thank you to both Maurice and Noa for their invaluable contribution to the team. It has been a pleasure and we wish them the very best of luck moving forward.
Over the coming weeks we will have more information regarding our finalized roster for the upcoming season. Thank you to our fans for always supporting us and we are certain next season will be our best yet – stay tuned – exciting news coming soon!


  • Nai Zheng MidOne Yeik
  • Yazied YapzOr Jaradat
  • Clement Puppey Ivanov

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