VIP Adria League Qualifiers set to start

The qualifiers for the VIP Adria League will start in a few days. The prize pool for the event is €10,000.

Vip Adria League is a competition for teams from the Adriatic region, which includes Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania. The league will have €10,000 up for grabs, a prize pool significantly larger than those of Adria leagues up to this date.

There are already four teams which have been invited to the teams. There are still four more teams that will be selected, and they will be based out of the qualifier.

Serbia Binary DragonsSerbia RESISTANCE
Serbia SquaredSlovenia KlikTech
Europe Qualifier #1Europe Qualifier #2
Europe Qualifier #3Europe Qualifier #4



The Prize pool distribution for the event is :

1. €5,000 (~$5,900)
2. €3,000 (~$3,500)
3. €1,500 (~$1,800)
4. €500 (~$600)

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