PlanetKey roster to disband

The roster for PlanetKey will disband following the expiry of their contracts. The contracts of the players will expire this month after the roster has completed eight months together with the organization. The team was formed with the intention of making inroads into international tournaments and secure better positioning in various tournaments. However barring a few local tournaments, the team was not able to impress their performance on the scene.

PlanetKey Project manager had the following to say to HLTV:

“It is sad, I can’t add more to it. Once more a team based on alexRr showed the world what Planetkey can do. Some time ago we won the ESL Pro Series (now ESL Meisterschaft), competed at a Major and in Pro League. We want to thank alexRr, kressy, r0bs3n, who we’ve known for a long time, pulzG and oddo for all the time we were together. The team nevertheless came to the decision to split up and not wanting to continue to play together.”

“We are also open for new opportunities for the upcoming season. We are going to stay in close contact with the players from this team. I want to thank the team and all people in the background for the past 8 months, especially Martin “Drake” Schulz for his great work in the management!”


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