Maj3r speaks up on disparity between support player in Dota2 and CSGO

The disparity between the support players in Dota2 and CSGO is well known. While in Dota2, support players are vastly revered and made celebrities out of, in CSGO the support players have had a bad run so far.

Support players have not been able to make themselves as visible and well known in CSGO. They have often been found on the wrong end of roster changes.

You know the reason that Dota is better, than CS in terms of team-play?

In Dota a support player who has died 20 times in one game, but did a move in game who gave the win to his team (example ulti Earthshaker on four players) everyone fans, casters, players saw it and understand that the support is the MVP of the game.

However, in cs 90% of the fans only see the player having the best K/D and don’t recognize that maybe behind this, there is a player who calls mid round or throws a flash or did a bait/move for him. There are too many “shadow working” players in every team in CS, but it’s always the same players who are in the spotlight. Even if a “shadow working” player accept that he is not in the spotlight, he needs some recognition at some point.

As pro players generally, when we watch a game, we can see a move or a flash who can win rounds, but fans only see after the game the K/D ratio and uses it as a decisive factor to pick an MVP. Fans need to be more grateful towards Support/team players, but they cannot because of the first person view (fps game) and don’t understand it. And now because of that, all the incoming players in the scene, they prefer to be better individually and focus solely on their aim because k/d is given too much importance by the fans. My wish for all the up and coming young players is that they need to be aware that aim is important, but not the best quality to be a good player. Do not forget to be thankful to your teammates who are working in the shadow. Accept the criticism and try to be a better teammate rather than being an individual player. Thumbs up for all the shadow and support players in teams you are the real MVPs for me!

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