Meta Gaming add a new coach for OGN Apex Season 4

Meta Gaming will be a participant in OGN Apex Season 4. In order to prepare their team for the extremely competitive OGN Apex Season 4 tournament, the organization has brought in a new coach.

Vol´Jin will be replacing RoyalLord as the new coach for Meta Gaming. The same was announced on Twitter yesterday.

Hello, this is the Manager of Meta Athena, Hyeong Soo. Recently there has been a lot of issues within our team and we thought we would need to disclose what we could to the community and fans.

It is true that there has been a very good offer to Sayaplayer from a very prominent foreign team – he was offered the DPS position without even doing tryouts. He was troubled about what choice to make and he couldn’t make a decision by himself, so he asked me for advice.

Regardless of the contract I told him that he was free to make whatever choice he wanted to make that would be most beneficial, and after a few days of thought he decided to stick with our team.

More details about this news will be found on This article contains excerpts and quotes from the said website.


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