Gambit buy out Hobbit´s contract from Tengri

Gambit recently won the PGL Krakow Major 2017. The unexpected victory was definitely a splendid show of talent and skill by the CIS players. However it turns out that one of the players, namely Hobbit was contracted to Tengri. He was loaned to Gambit for the duration of the Major.

Ofcourse with their win, Gambit are looking to buyout his contract from Tengri Gaming. The amount mentioned in the deal is $100 million. It will form a very integral part of the team. Ofcourse for that amount, Hobbit is a big steal in our opinion.

Gambit Esports is glad to announce that Abay “HObbit” Khassenov is joining Gambit CS:GO on a permanent basis. In June 2017 Gambit and TENGRi reached a buyout agreement of Abay Khassenov’s contract. The record high transfer fee for CIS region amounts to $100,000.

On behalf of Gambit Esports we would like to thank TENGRi for a prompt resolution of this process. Abay Khassenov began competing for Gambit CS:GO on a loan basis in October 2016. During this time period our CS:GO division won two DreamHack tournaments, as well as became the champion of PGL Major Krakow.

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