Northern Gaming´s statement about their Financial Practices

Northern Gaming had an Overwatch team. However as is the case with several of the Overwatch organisations, they also have exited the scene. The players ( at least some of them ) have alleged that Northern Gaming have not been paying their dues.

Northern Gaming has a rich history with players across several esports titles. They have not been known to be construing any malpractice or any alleged misconduct. 

The biggest thing that we have said in our attempts to do that, is that had our players ever felt that they were wronged, they had every right to come after us for the money owed as per their contracts. Many people questioned how the players would ever afford legal fees, but as per our agreement with them, the players would have been entitled to having their legal fees covered had we been guilty of not paying them. With great people in the space like Bryce Blum and Ryan Morrison, the players had ample opportunity to get what they felt they were owed, had they actually been owed anything.

An excerpt from the statement


The organisation has issued a statement regarding the same. They confirm that they have paid their players in full. While they will not be releasing images of their contract in public, they are more than happy to reach out to any lawyers or any legal representatives for the players. The reason for them not disclosing in public, the contractual


obligations is that there are several sensitive and private information about the players in the contracts.

The organisation even tried reaching out to Richard Lewis, the esports journalist in an attempt to clear their name. However the players lawyers stopped the organisation from doing so with the threat of an incoming lawsuit. With this public statement, Northern Gaming are expecting to clear their name and have their reputation intact.


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