CrazyGuy leaves Recca

Crazyguy is one of the rare talents from Asia who has come up repeatedly in the talks amongst the talent and analysts. His amazing skill and top level plays have repeatedly brought attention to the level of talent.



During their stint together in Recca, the team has won some tournaments such as Razer Rising Stars Season 1: Southeast Asia and BeyondGodlike SEA. However their main aim of being able to qualify for the Major was not achieved. They were unable to make it to the main qualifiers as they were defeated in the semifinals by 7642.

Crazyguy is now a free agent and is also in search for another team. In a statement to HLTV;

“I just want to thank Recca for giving me a chance to play for a top team, and wish them good luck in the future. I’m currently looking for full-time offers from any regions, and I can be contacted through this e-mail:”

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