Madison Square Garden Company acquires a controlling stake in CLG

Madison Square Garden Company has been known to host several esports events over the years. They have successfully hosted League of Legends, Dota2 and CSGO over the years with remarkable success. The company which owns stakes in several traditional sports teams, has now expanded into esports.

They have acquired a controlling stake in CLG, Counter Logic Gaming. CLG Founder HotshotGG in a heartfelt letter to the CLG Fans and community says :

To the esports community and to our fans,

When I started Counter Logic Gaming years ago, all I wanted to do was build a community. I loved League of Legends, esports, and being able to share that passion with everyone. To be able to see how CLG and esports have grown these years is truly magical. The love of gaming we all share has allowed us to go from filling venues with a hundred people to selling out arenas like Madison Square Garden.

I saw the incredible future of esports looking back at me when I stood on stage at The Garden in 2015. This partnership with The Madison Square Garden Company will allow us to help bring Counter Logic Gaming at the forefront of esports both as a business and sports team. Our new partners have decades of experience within the sports and entertainment industry and being able to learn from them is one of the most compelling draws to the partnership. I am excited to make CLG part of MSG’s sports team family and for us to be able to call MSG home.

MSG shares the same commitment to esports as CLG has had all these years. I’m proud of how far CLG has come, but we’re not here to just be a top esports team – we’re aiming to be the best. This is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to take on this next step in esports with all of you.

You’ve stuck with us from the heart attacks of relegations to the sweet taste of victory upon winning championships. No matter what happens, our fans are what makes CLG possible. When I started CLG, I wanted it to be an organization where everyone helped support each other and helped one another grow. That includes everyone from our management, our staff, our players, and our fans – because that is the greatest strength CLG has. Thank you for your continued support, and let’s enter a new age of CLG together.

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