Laser Kittenz pursuing for an OWL spot

Laser Kittenz has been breaking apart slowly. Recently Munchkin was released from the team due to a wrist injury. He was flown back to Korea and released from the contract.

Laser Kittenz have come out with a statement regarding the future of their Overwatch roster.

We know you guys weren’t expecting to hear much from us, given that we have the entirety of July off due to World Cup and to allow players to get some much needed rest, but a lot has been going on behind the scenes and we have a few updates.

As reported by ESPN, we have terminated our contract with Munchkin. He has been struggling with some wrist pain that would only get worse if he had to play months of Overwatch Contenders; and as we were facing difficulties in improving our team communication with him, we decided it was best to part ways. He has publicly stated he needs a break and that he’s looking to stay in Korea.

After receiving interest from teams already in the OWL, Claris has communicated his desire to pursue those tryout opportunities. As such, we have decided to release him and wish him the best in his future. We’re sure that even if it doesn’t work out, he will remain a familiar face in the competitive Overwatch scene.

As for the rest of us, we have been, and still are, exploring the full scope of our opportunities within the OWL. The OWL is, for obvious reasons, the end goal for any top professional team and player in Overwatch, and all of us very much want to be in it. So far, it has been our goal to stick together as a unit, and replicate everything that you love about Laser Kittenz on the biggest stage of all. We will continue pursuing this while we discuss plans moving forward.

Expect to hear from us soon.

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