Afreeca Freecs Red disband

Afreeca Freecs has always had two rosters for their Overwatch esports. They had supported a red and blue team. The BLue team has had immense success with some amazing players and results in the past. Afreeca Freecs Red has always acted as the sister feeder team.

The main reason for Afreeca Freecs Red defintiely was the finances of the organisation. Despite the success of the sister, team it had become financially impossible to maintain two teams together in Overwatch. As such the fate of the team was sealed long ago and it will not be a surprise to see the players being picked up by other organisations.

The former  Afreeca Freecs Red was:

  •  Nam ”attune” Ki-hoon (DPS)
  •  Kim ”Creed” Hyeon-keong (DPS)
  •  Kim ”SanSam” Hyang Ki (Flex)
  •  Oh ”Rio” Seung-pyo (Tank)
  •  Lee ”InYoungg” In Yeong (Support)
  •  Song ”QuarterMain” Ji-hoon (Support)
  •  Kim ”Navi” Hyo-jin (Support)

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