Pyth to stand-in for Znajder at Dreamhack Atlanta

Pyth will stand-in for Znajder at Dreamhack Atlanta 2017. The players had already decided on a vacation much before they received the invitation to Atlanta. Znajder had already booked his vacation months ago and will be continuing with his vacation. As such Pyth will stand-in for the team at the event.

Back in January, long before the major cycle was announced, the team had decided to go on vacation a week before the widely agreed player vacation, in order to return earlier and get ahead. Things change, and we have now accepted an invite to attend Dreamhack Atlanta, but will not cause disruption to Andreas “znajder” Lindberg’s vacation which was booked many months ago.

Thankfully the perfect stand-in, Jacob “pyth” Mouruj√§rvi, was available and willing to join us in Atlanta. Jacob has been team-less since leaving Ninjas in Pyjamas in May and is hungry as ever to get back in the game at a pro level. The team and Jacob are currently bootcamping at our Uppsala office ahead of travelling to the event and are looking forward to doing some damage.”


Statement from Jacob “pyth” Mouruj√§rvi -> “I’m happy to get the chance to play with a team like GODSENT here in Atlanta. I’ve missed competing and I’ve been pretty inactive lately focusing on other stuff in life so I’m super hungry to come here with the boys and try to claim the title.”

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