OGN Apex Season 4 teams announced

The finalised teams for OGN Apex Season 4 have been announced. The biggest difference at the season 4 is that there will not be any foreign / international teams at the next Season 4.

With Blizzard’s announcement of the OWL, there has been a dramatic shift in the meta and the teams along with their rosters. It is important to note that Blizzard has confirmed the continuation of OGN Apex Season 4 alongside the Overwatch League. 

The teams that will compete in OGN APEX Season 4 are:

  •  Lunatic-Hai (APEX Season 3)
  •  Kongdoo Panthera (APEX Season 3)
  •  Afreeca Freecs Blue (APEX Season 3)
  •  X6-Gaming (APEX Season 3)
  •  LuxuryWatch Blue (APEX Season 3)
  •  Meta Athena (APEX Season 3)
  •  CONBOX (APEX Season 3)
  •  Runaway (APEX Season 3)
  •  MVP Space (APEX Season 3)
  •  Kongdoo Uncia (APEX Season 3)
  •  Flash Lux (APEX Season 3)
  •  LuxuryWatch Red (APEX Challengers Season 4)
  •  GC Busan (APEX Challengers Season 4)
  •  NC Foxes (APEX Challengers Season 4)
  •  ROX Orcas (APEX Challengers Season 4)
  •  Meta Bellum (APEX Challengers Season 4)

Source : Over.gg

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