Overwatch League in the final stages of planning a fantasy sports launch

Overwatch League has been announced, blizzard have already named the seven teams who will participate in the upcoming league. However if you remember the original Overwatch League introductory video, a fantasy sports pool was mentioned. It seems that Blizzard is working hard behind the scenes to make it a reality and hence keep the players engaged even more.

In an article by HeroesNeverDie;

“Wagering is not something that we’re considering,” said Nanzer, referring to the practice of betting that a certain team will win on a certain day. “Fantasy has obviously proven to be something that fans love in traditional sports and are a great driver of engagement. We’re definitely looking into something like that.”

“I think we’ll have more details as the league progresses,” Nanzer said. “I think something that’s important to keep in mind is we’re not setting out to build this league for next year or the year after. Our view is that we’re building a forever league and looking for partners who want to build something long-term with us. Fantasy is something that we definitely have on our long-term roadmap as being part of the league.”

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