Hellraisers announce new CEO

A few days ago Maksym Bednarskyi left the Hellraisers organisation as their CEO. He will be moving on in other areas in life, undisclosed towards now.

Maksym Bednarskyi leaves the HellRaisers CEO position

His statement regarding his exit from Hellraisers :

«Hello, I’m Maksym Bednarskyi better known as HellRaisers CEO for last 2.5 years. And today I’ve decided to continue my eSports career elsewhere. First of all I will go to my first vacation since 2014, and after will look for offers at another CSGO or multi gaming organizations for CEO or eSports director position. 

I would like to thank all players with whom I was working for last 2.5 years and of course big thanks to our Staff, when I’ve started working in HR there were only 3 people (CSGO manager, Dota 2 manager and 1 editor), now our Staff counts more than 15 people besides players. I’ve hired everyone by myself and hope that each person has grown as a professional and as a person with us !

I wish all the best to the CSGO team and to one of my biggest friends Kirill ANGE1 Karasov. Hope I’ll have opportunities to work with Kirill in future !

Hellraisers have already announced a new CEO For their organisation. The new CEO of HellRaisers will be Aleksey xaoc Kucherov, who’s been taking the position of HellRaisers’ financial director for the last 1,5 years.

Source : Hellraisers.pro

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