OGN will no longer invite foreign teams to Apex Tournaments

Foreign teams will no longer be invited to South Korea. OGN Apex has always invited a few Foreign teams to the event. Season 1 was won by EnVyUs who have been invited for every iteration of the tournament.

envyus ecs qualifier

With the launch of Overwatch Contenders and the demarcation of specific geographic boundaries, it seems there is going to be less international tournaments at the smaller levels. Each region will have its regional tournaments, and the best teams from each region will compete at the highest level against teams from other regions.

According to a reddit thread translation of an article on Invenglobal;

  1. No more Foreign Teams due to the creation of their own leagues (Contenders)
  2. No relegation matches. Top 5 of APEX Challengers league automatically qualify for APEX Season 4. —> this policy is to give time for APEX Challengers teams more time to practice and prepare for Season 4, and reduce the pressure coming from the relegations.
  3. APEX Season 4 will begin right after Season 3 (mid-August).

These are the policies that have been decided by OGN for the upcoming Season of Apex.

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