Emongg posts an update on his Overwatch Career

Emongg has been a part of Overwatch since its inception. He was recently a part of Selfless Gaming. However Selfless as an organisation decided to shut down due to certain circumstances. This has left Emongg as a free agent and he will be looking to participate in other teams.

First off I wanted to start by saying that for the first time in Overwatch I am a free agent and will most certainly be looking for another team because I love this game and I love competing. I will play just about anything because I want to help a team win and will put as many hours needed into whatever my role is (although I do enjoy flex). For anyone wondering why I switched to Winston for a little it was because we didn’t have anyone who was comfortable playing it and I volunteered to play it because I knew I would put in a ton of time to improve on it. A thing many people don’t know is that I randomly played Roadhog for the first time about 2 weeks after we got to the house. I just do my best to put the time into what my team needs and have a team first attitude.

These last few months have been absolutely amazing. I want to thank Brad and Steve so much for having faith that one day we could create a team that has success. When Brad first moved us to the team house we had no idea what was going to happen and he had full faith that we had the talent and pieces but just needed some time. One thing that people don’t know is that for first few weeks we struggled a ton because we didn’t find out how we wanted to play and didn’t have an image of how we wanted to play.

One thing that people don’t really understand about us as a team is that we had insane chemistry that I haven’t seen on many teams that I’ve been apart. We all got along in and out of game and would spend countless hours after scrims/matches just hanging out and talking. This is a very rare thing that I find in teams or games where people will just play then disappear until the next day. While being at a team house made it easy, it’s still rare that you find everyone just getting a long and having a good time. Whether it was watching movies, joking around watching streams or just overall hanging out in the kitchen we always enjoyed each others company.
All of us had a massive passion for this game and the drive to win and we just worked so hard to try to become one of the best teams. I’ll never forget the amazing runs we would make through tournaments where we had to play a ton of matches and make it all the way to finals.
We always played for each other in tournaments. We all wanted to make each other look good rather than just worrying about ourselves. Everyone that had moments never took credit away from their teammates and if they did make an amazing play we made sure that person knew how awesome it was. I saw so many people on this team grow into players that they never thought they could be.

I want to circle back a bit to Brad (sephy). We owe so much to him because he let us live our dreams and gave us the tools to help us improve. I want to thank him so much for giving me this opportunity and having faith that whatever role I played in that I would give it my best and try my hardest (aka switching to Winston because we didn’t have one). I don’t think anyone even comes close to how many scrims Brad has sat in on and watched. He’s not one of those people who just sits there, minimizes and just watches streams or movies. He would watch almost every single scrim we played in since the beginning of Selfless and always had positive feedback for us that we could use. He cared so much for this game, his passion was something I have never seen from someone who owns a team.

I want to thank all of my teammates for making these past 5 months a great time. From the coaches, to the players I became such good friends with all of you and you all made this whole thing an awesome experience. Also thank you to all the fans who supported Selfless and followed us through everything. You guys were always so supportive and we all seriously appreciated all the kind things you guys would say.

For now I will continue to stream (twitch.tv/emongg) and do youtube videos (youtube.com/emongg) and hopefully soon enough we can find a team. I still have a massive passion for this game and I want to give my best to wherever I go next. I have full confidence that Overwatch will succeed and I would not give up on it just like that. This is the first game in a long time that I’ve actually enjoyed playing and I wouldn’t just ditch it.


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