Eternal Envy Blogs about the need for Valve to provide more Transportation allowance

Valve has always been a good listener to the professional players. The Gaming organisation has also been generous in their allowances given to players and teams to travel to The International Tournaments and Majors. However for long, the tournaments have limited the travel expenses to five Dota2 players. Recently they increased the allowance to six players.

But a Dota2 team has much more than just six members in its roster. Yes, we do have five players and a coach, but the supporting staff are always present with the team and to support the players. With valve not providing the expenses for these support staff, travelling to Majors and tournaments definitely turns out to be costly and economically unviable for the esports organisations.

We will not list the entire blog that was posted by Eternal EnVy. But as we read the blog, we realise that Eternal EnVy has nothing but the utmost praise for Valve.

You can read the original blog in its entirety on Liquipedia.

An excerpt from the blog on Liquipedia :

I’m not trying to attack Valve, they have always been doing a great job in supporting the players. However, for most teams more than 6 people are essential to their performance. I hope that Valve will reconsider and send more support to the teams attending the event.

I’ve always advocated for people to speak up when there are problems. But as someone who constantly speaks up, I can totally understand why they don’t. For me the Wings/Ace Drama is probably the most messed up situation in DotA and the truth will never come to light (FeelsBadMan).

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