Should Valve increase the payout allowance for Majors? Eternal Envy definitely thinks so

The Dota2 Majors form the cornerstones for the esports scene in Dota2. The Majors are important not only due to their prize pools but also due to the fact that Valve pays a majority of the expenses for the teams. However Valves payment is limited to the number of players and the coach of the team. That is a total of 6 players per team. Ofcourse in reality the entourage of a team consists of much more than just the players and the coach.

A team might have as many as twenty people in its entourage. Valve only pays for the 6 members leaving the parent organisation of the team to pay for the remaining members / staff of the team.

EternalEnvy speaks up about this issue, which has been raised from time to time. There have been several personalities asking Valve to increase the payout which would help the teams in a big way.

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