Oskar shares his thoughts on journey to the Major

Mousesports are the first team to qualify for the PGL Krakow Major. Oskar is an important part of the team and forms the core of the team.

He mentions his thoughts on his journey to the Major :

Cant describe my feelings at the moment. Even tho i already wrote one longer tweet and it didnt come up i will write it once again. I didnt play my best game, definitely not what everyone expected from me but thats why we are team and i still have 4 other good players around me which need my support. First i apologize for my performance in the final game. This way to reach the major was so hard and long, also very unlucky for me. I left 3dmax back in 2012 and decided to not play csgo never again so i was 2 years almost without cs. I was working for half and year and there and in working hours i was watching majors and tournaments. I always knew im talented and that i want to give it one more chance. Playing cs in total for 14 years and i still feel like i can be better player. After all i decided to take all my money and buy gaming computer. Started with streams and was hoping that this will help me to get attention, and it worked. Joined nEophyte, fraternitas, hellraisers and mouse sports. After we failed 2 times decider match with hellraisers in major quals i was really scared about it even tho I’m always calm. I just had one dream and it was be part of the major tournament and now i will be playing major. I seriously cant describe my feelings but its something i never felt and i’m so happy at the moment. I would like to thanks my fans for huge support, they gave me power and hope, also big thanks to my family for helping me and keeping me always positive in thinking etc. and finally thanks for my team for the best birthday gift. Im gonna chill and tomorrow we start with our practice for Cologne tournament. So thanks everyone who was cheering for us. See you in cologne and ofc MAJOR <3



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