Moonduck to host PUBG tournament featuring several Dota2 personalities

PUBG ( Players Underground BattleGround) is the latest and upcoming esport that has enthralled several players. The game which is hosted on Valve’s Steam has taken a lot of players into frenzy.

Moonduck will be hosting a tournament based off PUBG.

Pubg cover

Details about the matches :

In short, Moonduck Lightning Round is:

  • 1.3x Playzone Progress
  • 5x Redzone Frequency
  • 5x Carepackage Frequency
  • 3s Ressurection Timer instead of 10
  • 3x Amount of Sniper Rifles
  • 2.5x Amount of Assault Rifles
  • No Shotguns or SMGs
  • More Weapon attachments
  • 3x amount of Med-Kits, First-Aid, Painkillers & Energy Drinks
  • 3x amount of Level 3 Bags, Helmets and Armor
  • 1.8x amount of Ammunition

Duos that take first place in any round will be offered 1 large pizza with up to 4 toppings delivered to an address of their choosing.

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