Sheever posts an update about her health condition

Sheever has been one of the most loved desk hosts in the Dota2 industry. However recently she was diagnosed with Cancer, which was a big setback to her in her life and career. She is undergoing a treatment during which she wont be attending many events. However she will be attending the International, which is one of the biggest events in esports.

They give me a local anesthetic and first dig into a lymph node to take a sample. The digging lasted quite a while as she wanted a particular node that she noticed during the echo. Taking a bit of tissue from the hard bit was next. I was told there would be a very loud “click” sound when the hollow needle cuts. Turns out, this click was louder than anything I could imagine, this giving me a scare that made me jump (not great when there is a needle sticking in you). Unfortunately the anesthetics weren’t done deep enough so after the jump-scare I was in excruciating pain. The tissue taken turned out not suitable for analyzing, but luckily the following two samples taken didn’t hurt as much and were good enough.

She posts regular updates about her cancer and her progress with her treatment. More information about her treatment can be found on Sheever’s blog.

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