Cyber Anji Shuts down

Cyber Anji has been a notable esports organisation in the CIS region. A few days ago they announced that they will be shutting down their esports division.

The Football club announced their esports division earlier this year to form a dota2 team around XBOCT. However the team failed to qualify for International 2017. 

When we came to this Football Club with our project, we asked a year of time and a particular financial support to achieve results. We came to an understanding with the owners and got down to work…”

…On 10th of May [agreed upon day of payment] the player’s salary never arrived [except for the first time, with only one player with a signed contract in the roster], after which I started calling the directors to inquire about the payment delays, and they said that it would arrive tomorrow. They kept feeding us with “tomorrow’s” until the start of June…”

“…Eventually at some point in June we managed to spontaneously organize a meeting with the directors, where they explained the real reason for payment delays — unsatisfactory results, and that the club has only “expenses” on this project, considering that we asked for a year of time in the very first meeting while only 3 months has passed and the salary was paid out once to a single player at the time…”

“… We and the players were spat on and left in this position by the ownership. On this note, the “Cyber Anji” project officially closes down.”

Ex – Cyber Anji roster:
— Vadim “Sedoy” Musorin
— Yaroslav “Pikachu” Vasilenko
— Maxim “yoky-“ Kim
— Evgeniy “Chuvash” Makarov
— Alexander “NoFear” Churochkin

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