ENCE release their CSGO team

ENCE have decided to release their CSGO Team. The reason behind the decision has been announced as

Lack of drive and motivation within the team to achieve the expected levels

The team has been struggling to put up good performances in their results so far. It has not been able to make a big impact in their professional CSGO circuit.

“After trying out numerous alternatives, the team and organisation felt that the situation wasn’t providing the right results and thus we decided to part ways,” aNGeldusT added.

“ENCE still strives for Professional eSports in the Nordics, and we will continue to spearhead that movement in the future.

“Rather than counting out CSGO, we are re-focusing our efforts to find the best match for our organization and a benchmark for Finnish CS, the way it’s meant to be.”

The former ENCE roster was :

Finland Tony “arvid” Niemelä
Finland Ville “rEplan” Ijäs
Finland Joel “joel b Borgström
Finland Mikael “ociriz” Karkinen
Finland Simo “Leaf” Mykkänen

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