Zilkenberg returns to the Mongolz

Zilkenberg has announced that he will return to Mongolz. The Asian player was playing as a stand-in for a number of teams in the meantime. He was a stand-in for pAin.


The Mongolian team will field their new roster for the first time in the Asia-Oceania qualifier for DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017, which will kick off on Friday. Their roster looks as follows:

MongoliaBatbayar “kabal” Bat-Enkh
MongoliaBold “ncl” Batsuh
MongoliaTsog “Tsogoo” Mashbat
MongoliaEnkhtaivan “Machinegun” Lkhagva
MongoliaTemuulen “Zilkenberg” Battulga

Source : HLTV



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