Unikrn partners up with BetGenius

Unikrn has been a pioneer in the legal betting industry. They have been participating in meetings and more options about legalising the betting industry. Skin Gambling has definitely hurt the esports scene much more than it should have been allowed to, and Unikrn was the forerunner of the foray to ban skin among esports betting sites.

“We’ll be working with them to ensure that they can fully utilise our data and full offering to grow and expand beyond their already strong base. We have some big plans for new features and to build a truly immersive platform. With near immediate effect Unikrn will be benefiting from our comprehensive market offering; we offer over 450 unique live markets for more than 7,000 events annually.”

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Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood had this to say :

The Genius Sports partnership is one important component to our European expansion.  We will be able to talk more about it soon, but for the moment just know we are working on creating a very immersive esports betting platform and Genius are working with us on the execution.“