Veineless joins Team Expert

Veineless has decided to join Team Expert . This is just in time for the Overwatch Contenders as the teams are preparing for the upcoming Contenders matches. Veineless was a part of Team Dignitas. Team Dignitas was split up after the organisation decided to exit the Overwatch scene due to uncertainty of the esport title.

The new roster for  Team expert is:

  •  Greger ”Invision” Herland (DPS)
  •  Joshua ”CRNKz” Santana (DPS)
  •  Dominik ”NexX” Scheerer (Flex)
  •  Jørgen ”Decod” Myrlund (Tank)
  •  Marcel “Veineless” Lehmann (Support)
  •  Marcel ”Talyz” Sieprath (Support)

Microsoft 70-695 Certification Exams : Deploying Windows Devices and Enterprise Apps

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