CSGOLive replies to Richard Lewis Article

Richard Lewis recently released a damning article about the ways the websites scam users. There are several websites which show odds of opening a box, however that being said they are basically scamming their users.


Some excerpts from the post :

1) The mystery coder “David” is said to have worked on multiple case opening websites.
CSGOLive is unlike any other site, it does not look like any other website or behave in anyway similar. You can generally tell when sites use the same source code or are built by the same coder just by inspecting the code or comparing the sites visually. CSGOLive is coded by two guys who are partners of the website and have not coded any part of any other case opening website. We have never sold our source code or had it leaked.

2) “In addition to this the owners of these sites can manually set the “recently won” feed to display anything they want.”
Our recently won feed shows steam profiles of users and we offer a chat where you can often interact with users winning items. Nothing about our recently won items is faked.

3) “However, in addition to this these streamers will enjoy a higher rate of winning than the average customer, one determined by their status and programmed by people with access to the site back-end.”
CSGOLive has never “rigged” a video, we have no way of modifying hashes for people. There are plenty of videos out there of people playing on the site and coming out with less than what we gave them. Also, there are plenty of “honest opening” videos made of our website where people will put up their own non-sponsored money on an account unknown to us and achieve similar results as sponsored videos.

4) “In case anyone is wondering it should be made clear that these sites do not stock the items. “When you hear about people waiting for item payouts for up to seven days it’s usually because of Steam Market restrictions””
CSGOLive has always done an amazing job keeping items stocked. We have never had a user that did not receive their item. Our support team works 24/7 to make sure no problem goes unsolved.

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