EnVyUs drops Gears of War

EnVyUs is a well known gaming organisation with rosters in multiple titles. However it seems they are abandoning the Gears of war scene. The announcement on the website reads as :

The whole entirety of the Team EnVyUs roster were relocated to Echo Fox last Tuesday and thus, the boys in blue will not be participating in the second season of the Gear Pro Circuit since Team EnVyUs has left Gears of War. Fans and Gears of War esport followers have known the organisation to be one of the very best in the picture.

Two years of interaction and competing as of 2015 has resulted in many achievements. The originally signed team, from the side of Fury, consisting of ‘FraNChis’, ‘Soto’, ‘Praized’ and ‘Kenny Bounce’. Rising to dominance instantly lead to a second place finish at the first season of the ESL Pro League of Gears of War; Ultimate Edition. After a single change, the Gfinity European Open in 2016 was theirs. Ending the game hungry, Gears of War 4 became a chance to establish a reign of superiority for Team EnVyUs. A million dollar Gears Pro Circuit plus a brand new game mode meant a necessary recruitment of ‘JRibs’ and ‘Solours’ for ‘Soto’. Needless to say, the team bagged the victory at the Pro Circuit and a number of second-place spots.

For now, Team EnVyUs are parting ways with Gears, perhaps returning later. Meanwhile, Echo Fox are expected to perform with the new roster and win just like when they wore the blue jerseys.

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