T Mobil to sponsor Team USA Overwatch

The Overwatch World Cup will be fierce this year as the national committees have decided and formed the teams. This means, unlike 2016 when it was more of a popularity contest, the teams will actually be able to put forth a tougher challenge against the mighty koreans.

T Mobile will be sponsoring the Team USA Overwatch team. This is seen as their investment into esports at a time when every company and brand is keen on investing and gaining a foothold in esports.

In fact, Canada is regarded by the major esports betting sites as the second strongest team at the Overwatch World Cup. While they finish 3rd and 2nd in the two previous tournaments, they are one of the few teams that have beaten South Korea on a map.

They should be able to advance from the4-finals to the stage of a further epic finale against the South Korean giants whether they finish 1st or 2nd in Group B.

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