LGD will relocate all its teams to Hangzhou

LGD have announced their intention to relocate all their teams across multiple esports titles to Hangzhou. Most of the esports teams are slowly gravitating towards a geographical center and LGD seems to be leading the way in China.

Hangzhou is the region where LGD established themselves in the first place several years ago. Star Studios is a movie theater based in Hangzhou. All the media teams and supporting staff will move to Hangzhou in September.

Their more long-standing plan is to use technology from the new laser I MAX hall to develop a larger venue of 3,000 seats. LGD hope that they can blend some aspects of the cinema and esports experiences when other esports teams come to Hangzhou to compete.

Franchising was implemented for the Chinese LPL this split. This Summer, teams continue to compete in Shanghai, but starting in the 2018 season, a home and away system will be implemented. LPL will take place in 3-5 cities. LGD are the first to officially announce a new permanent location.

Some parts of this news article have been quoted word to word from Yahoo.

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