Cyclowns release statement on their Overwatch team

e good news and farewells for Cyclowns. Firstly we want to thank the @taketv team for all their hard work and dedication to pull off a fantastic event last week. Whilst we didn’t achieve as much as we wanted to in the tournament, we will take all the lessons to be learnt and move forward into a bright future for the team.

We would also like to thank Christian “Krytox” Gyldenløv for his efforts at TakeTV but he has made the decision to return to Team Singularity Ninjas and we wish him all the best.

We want to welcome our two new trials for the foreseeable future. Oliwer “Lateks” Fahlander will be playing the main tank role and Andreas “Epzz” Wallvingskog in the flex support role, both players with top tier experience and we are excited to see what they can bring. This does mean that Antti “Poks” Hellstedt is moving back to original role of DPS and the synergy he brings to the team in tandem with his DPS duo Davin.

And lastly we want to thank Callum “Showerg3l” Booth for all that he has done for the team over the last few months and sticking by us through our roster changes but he has made the decision to step down from the team due to his personal circumstances. Luke “iuKeEe” Dainton will now be the team manager and coach.


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