Graham Pitt to coach Godsent

Godsent want to spare no efforts in making sure that the team reaches the major. In order to achieve this goal, they will include Graham pitt into the coaching team. He will be joining the former coaches. Graham Pitt is the head of RFRSH entertainment. 

According to a statement released by Nikolak Nyholm,

Our role at RFRSH will always be to provide the best possible sporting set-up for the teams, and over the past months, via our ongoing dialogue with rdl and pronax on the team’s performance and needs, it has become clear that we could help the team by providing a deeper analytic insight.

– We have 5 extremely talented and skilled players with the potential to compete in top 10, and rdl has done a good job with the resources he has been provided. The results have not been satisfactory, however, and we need to take the team a step up and bring in more analytical knowledge. Therefore and I am glad that Graham Pitt has agreed to take on the role as interim head coach and work with rdl, who will continue working with the team in an assisting/managerial role.

Graham will dedicate his full time to GODSENT, and will be released from all his responsibilities in RFRSH for as long as he is involved directly with GODSENT.

You can read about the individual statement from various authorities at Godsent webpage. 

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