Mowzassa joins Laser Kittenz

Mowzassa was approached by Laser Kittenz to play for their team. Considering the oppurtunities with playing for Laser Kittenz is much more , he has decided to leave Cyclowns and join Laser Kittenz. Mowzassa plays the tank role and will be instrumental in helping Laser Kittenz achieve greater success in their upcoming matches.

Our second announcement for today.Tiago “Mowzassa” Rodrigues has decided to step down from the team after being approached by Laser Kittenz. He will not be joining us for Takeover 2 next week.

Whilst the timing is very unfortunate, we will still be competing at TakeTV and will be looking to fill our main tank role very swiftly after TakeTV and continue to grow and improve as a team.

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