Danish Government refuses to recognize esports as Sports due to RFRSH Entertainment

The Danish Government refuses to accept esports as a legitimate sports category. This might have somtehign to do with the involvement of RFRSH , the organisation which holds a stake in multiple esports teams.

In a report by the Danish Newspaper BT,  there have been multiple reasons due to the decision of the government. They are as follows :

  1. Ethical concerns about an esport such as Counter Strike ( due to violence portrayed in the game).
  2. The players and the industry in general have not worked hard enough\
  3. Concern that e sports in Denmark is “commercially run” and not operated democratically

The third concern in particular probably refers to the commercial interests of an organisation such as RFRSH with its stake in multiple facilities in esports. While RFRSH has not been explicity mentioned, the points might pertain to the particular organisation.

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