Fnatic will transfer their Academy team

Amidst the furore about the involvement of Academy teams in the same tournaments as the main teams, Fnatic have decided to transfer their Academy team. Academy teams are a disaster waiting to happen as has been mentioned in the article hyperlinked. There are several ways that an Academy team can actually ruin the careers of the players involved.

“It has been an honour to be part of the fnatic¬†family,” the team’s coach, Andreas Samuelsson, said in a statement. “We have achieved great things together and have had our best CSGO year in our careers.

“Unfortunately, academy teams are given less and less space though, and when PGL informed us that we would not be able to use the fnatic name in the Minor, we took a unanimous decision to find a new home for ourselves.

“Our goal and ambition have always been to reach the very top, which is impossible to do as an academy team right now.

“We would like to thank fnatic for the opportunities and the support they have given us. They provided the best platform possible to build our careers on, which we will always be thankful for. We especially want to thank [fnatic CGO] Patrik for everything he has done for us.”

This decision comes post the rule changes announced by PGL And ESL.

Source : HLTV

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