DSPStanky drops out of competitive Overwatch

DSPSTanky is one of the best lucios in the Overwatch Scene. His control over the character and his usefulness in team fights makes him one of the most interesting streamers to watch out for. However he has now decided to drop out of competitive Overwatch.

DSPSTanky will be focussing on his streaming career for now.

I’m gonna try to keep this short even though it’s a TwitLonger.

Long story short, I was burned out. Between scrims, tournaments, and the stream, I’ve been playing close to 65-70 hours of Overwatch a week since late January. And I had a full time job up until May 29th. My main goal with Overwatch has always been to have fun, and all that time grinding was running me ragged.

Top Tier Competitive Overwatch (Pro/Semi-Pro/Amateur Leagues) may sound fun in theory, but I can tell you right now, unless you are dedicated to going Pro and want to see yourself at the top, no matter what, it will be a grind, and it will wear on you.

My goal was never to be the best, it was to stop working a job I didn’t like and have fun. During my last few weeks on Chicken Connoisseurs I felt guilty for not being as dedicated to going Pro as the rest of the guys. I also desperately wanted some free time so I could start working out and cooking meals again, so I dropped from the team.

I’m still friends with all of them, don’t worry, they’re all the closest friends I’ve ever made online to be honest. So i’m excited to see where they take the team and I’m hoping that maybe it was just my lack of enthusiasm that was holding them back.

P.S. TBH if Overwatch Contenders came out just a month earlier I would have been all for it. Unlucky.

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