Valve release True Sight Ep 2.

Valve have started the tradition of releasing True Sight Videos. True Sight provides an insight into the teams and the players attitude towards each other.Team NP were the subject of the first True Sight episode.

This episode of the True sight provides a spotlight on one of the strongest teams in the current meta, Team Virtus Pro. Virtus Pro is one of the most loved teams in the CIS region and even worldwide. Their extremely fast paced and no respect gameplay is something that the fans love to play.

However this episode of the truesight has run into some trouble especially for showing some players from Virtus pro in a negative light. The episode shows a particular player as a rager, however that is something that is true for all the teams. Every team has a mix of players of all types, and Virtus Pro is not any different. Portrayal of players is in Valve´s hands and not many players appreciate the negative spotlight on some of their player profiles.

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