Tricked replaces Gambit at ESL One Cologne closed qualifiers 2017

Recently we announced that Gambit will be withdrawing their name from the ESL One Cologne 2017 closed qualifier. This is mainly due to a scheduling conflict with the PGL krakow minors, something which no organisation wants to miss out on.

As a result Tricked will be replacing Gambit at the ESL One Cologne Closed qualifier. 

We regret to inform that Gambit CS:GO is forced to decline an invitation to ESL One Cologne Closed Qualifier. For as much as we would like to be a part of this event, it is not possible for us to compete in the qualifier.

Given our intense tournament schedule in April – early May (StarSeries Season 3, cs_summit, DreamHack Austin and DreamHack Tours) we planned a prolonged vacation in May to recharge our batteries and begin an intensive preparation for an upcoming Kraków Major and other tournaments along the way, including DreamHack Summer.

We would like to issue an apology to fans who expected to see us competing in Cologne and ESL for an opportunity to qualify and being forced to find a last minute replacement for our team.

Source : ESL 

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