Team Dignitas parts ways with their Overwatch team

Team Dignitas was one of the most successful EU Overwatch teams of late. Their team had been showing signs of success and was a strong contender across several regions. So it was a big surprise when the report originally suggested that Dignitas might be one of the teams to drop their Overwatch team. 

There has been no reason speculated as to the departure of the organisation, which is considered one of the best and most well established organisations in esports. With their recent investments from 76´ers it was also widely believed that they will be involved in the Overwatch League.

Team Dignitas recently made the decision to part ways with its previous Overwatch team. The Overwatch team comprised of Marcel ‘Veinless’ Lehmann, Elvinas ‘Evokje‘ Padegimas, Patrick ‘Wat7‘ Marwal, Jose Antonio ‘BromaS‘ Ramos Gonzales, Joshua, ‘ToxikeN‘ Campos and Jiri ‘LiNkz‘ Masalin joined Team Dignitas in August 2016. We thank the players for their time and efforts with Team Dignitas; they are now free agents and we are confident they will be successful in future endeavors.

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