Los Angeles has a new home team

Los Angeles, the most coveted esports market will now be host to a new home team. The TCL Chinese Theater and Hammer esports have entered into a partnership in order to develop their very own theater at Los Angeles. The team will be called Hollywood Hammers and will field teams in VainGlory, Overwatch and Clash Royale.

“We are bringing to Los Angeles an exceptional esports franchise to become our local team,” said Robert K. Laity, CEO of the TCL Chinese Theatre. “The esports world deserves a local fan base in addition to a global following in much the same way that other sports like basketball, football, and baseball have strong and close affiliations with fans in major cities across the US. Los Angeles now has its newest team to follow and support.”

TCL is a billion dollar company which has made a name for itself using electronics as its core business. This comes in proximity to the Overwatch league announcement. The Overwatch league will field spots which could sell for as much as $10-$15 million per spot. Ofcourse that kind of money is unprecedented in esports and it might be upto the big ones to invest money into the league. The Overwatch league will be extremely big in order to make esports successful.

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