Infused unveil new CSGO Roster

Team Infused have announced their return to CSGO with a new roster. With the Gfinity Elite Series, a professional league featuring the best players in the United Kingdom, just about to start, Infused have put together a new roster as they hope to establish themselves as a dominant force in the country once again.

Redsnk statement :

“I am thrilled to be back apart of Team Infused for 2017, playing alongside good friends and strong players with the support of Team Infused,” redSNK told Infused’s website.

“As a team we have to work hard and focus on qualifying for the UK Masters, ESL Premiership and prepare ourselves for the Gfinity Elite Series later this year.

“With the support of Gfinity, UK teams such as ours are given such a special opportunity to challenge and develop not only as a team but individually, instilling a confidence in being a part of the wider CS:GO scene.

“I cannot thank Andy and Alan enough for their continuing support and faith in being able to achieve our goals.”

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