Spirit sign an Academy team

Spirit is the latest organisation to sign an Academy team. We are seeing a surge in number of teams which are signing academy teams. Academy teams can be seen as a way for organisations to harvest talent and breed talent. It is a very significant way t0 boost the talent available in a country.

It’s very difficult to enter the pro-scene at the moment, not every talented young man can afford to choose a game instead of education or a job. Such projects as Team Spirit Academy help the whole scene to grow, we get the “young blood” and perspective, and players get a solid ground under their feet – now they don’t have to worry about trivia and are able to concentrate on the game. We have big plans working with young players, which go far beyond the current form of the academy. We will build our common future! 🙂

The Spirit Academy roster:

Alexey “BAS” Kustov
Aleksey “1uke” Zimin
Roman “rommi” Golubev
Evgeny “fenya” Mitsik
Alexey “NickelBack” Trofimov

Dimitry “Iksou” Mikhaylichenko (coach)

Source  – HLTV