More Overwatch organisations to leave the esports scene

Following several teams losing organisations in Overwatch, there are reports of more teams deserting the scene. The three teams in question here are Fnatic,Dignitas and LG Loyal. These three organisations are huge in esports with multiple teams in several of the esports titles.

A big part of this decision comes solely due to the price point for the Overwatch League. With Blizzard trying to sell the Overwatch League spots at almost $20 million per spot, the price for entering the Overwatch league is way overpriced. The big breaking point in the negotiations is basically the fact that there will be no revenue generated for the teams until 2021.

With Overwatch not being able to provide the same viewing numbers as CSGO and Dota2, there is no guarantee that the Overwatch League will be a rousing success.

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