ESL Pro League EU finalised

The European division of ESL Pro League has come to a close with North, G2, mousesports, fnatic, Natus Vincere, and EnVyUs clinching their spots at the $750,000 finals in Dallas.

ESL Pro League Season 5 Europe final standings:

1. North – spot at Pro League finals
2. G2 – spot at Pro League finals
3. mousesports – spot at Pro League finals
4. fnatic – spot at Pro League finals
5. Natus Vincere – spot at Pro League finals
6. EnVyUs – spot at Pro League finals
7. FaZe – $27,000
8. Astralis – $23,000
9. Heroic – $19,000
10. NiP – $17,500
11. LDLC – $15,000
12. HellRaisers – $11,500 (Relegation Stage)
13. – $8,000 (Relegation Stage)
14. Kinguin – $4,000 (relegated to ESEA Premier S25)

This is just the EU division and the NA division will also come to a close soon. Surprisingly VP were the ones who have been relegated from the event and it definitely comes as a shocker for them .

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