Cooler Master announces an all female Malaysian Overwatch team

Cooler Master has tied up with Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT) to form their very first Malaysian Overwatch female team called MBT.Valkyrie.

Cooler Master will be supporting the team with various hardware sponsorships and providing them the equipment needed for a good configuration. The team’s effort in organizing Cyberfusion 2016 community events and show-matches proves the capability and sustainability of MBT. MBT’s eSports Division also did well and is the Winner of MSI Overwatch Open Tournament 2017 & 2nd Runner Up in the Overwatch MSI MGA Dragon Cup 2017.

Malaysia Battlefield Team (MBT), Valkyrie Division

  • Sylvia “Yue” Yap
  • Elaine “Bloodyrukia” Chern
  • Alice “EvieNya” Chong
  • Angeline “iCaramel” Chan
  • TanGrilledKoi Yen Li
  • Amanda “Hamlet” Yow
  • Yuukii “Kusochii” Yong


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